Features of AI Text Summarizer

Text summarizer stands tall when it goes head-to-head with the rest of the world. The following points shed light on the reasons for the tall stature of our online summary tool:

Controlled Text Summarizing

Our AI text summarizing utility offers complete authority to its users. From choosing the length of the summary to generating the output as key sentences or a paragraph, users will have 100% control over the entire process.

Bullet Points Formation

Generally, text summarizers provide the output in the form of paragraphs. But our article summarizer goes one step ahead of those utilities because it can also present the results as bullet points. Users can use them to create key points for a presentation quickly.

2000 Words

The power of our summarizing tool allows it to extract the gist from a lengthy piece of content accurately. Therefore, processing a text of 2000 words won’t limit the power of this summary maker.

Instant Results

The response time of our AI summarizer doesn’t depend on the input’s length. Whether you want to summarize a single paragraph or multiple chunks of passage with this paragraph summarizer, it has been programmed to provide instant results.


The benefits of Paraphrasing-tool.org are not restricted to summary generation only. Users can also rephrase the created summary by taking assistance from our Paraphrasing tool. All they have to do is click on the ‘Paraphrase text’ button from the result section.

Check Plagiarism

Users can also verify the originality status of the generated output by using our plagiarism checker. For that, they will have to tap on the ‘Check Plagiarism’ button and wait for a few instances to let the tool bring the output.  NO Signup - 100% Free All the integrated and associated features of our text summarizer are completely free. Users won’t have to pay any fees, create a new account, or link their existing credentials to use our summarizer's functionalities.

How to Summarize Text Online?

Generally, text summarizing requires a thorough understanding of the original material and impeccable writing skills. But with the AI summarizer by paraphrasing-tool.org, you don’t need these things. You simply need to perform the following steps:
  • Type, copy/paste, or upload the text file you wish to summarize.
  • Choose the desired summary length (25%, 50%, 75%).
  • Select whether you want the summary in the ‘Paragraph’ or ‘Key Sentences’ form.
  • Tap on the ‘Summarize’ button.
  • Our text summarizer will take a few seconds to condense the text accurately.
  • Copy the generated result to the clipboard or download it as a separate file to local device storage.

Two Ways of Summarizing Text Using Our Tool

Paraphrasing-tool.org has developed its AI summarizer to handle the diverse and ever-evolving needs of people. Therefore, this tool provides its users with two ways of summarizing the text:


The ‘Paragraph’ mode provides the summary in the form of a passage. It picks all the essential sentences from the input and combines them to form a coherent summarized paragraph. Here is an example of how the ‘paragraph’ mode of our tool produces the output: Original Passage: The film had stunning cinematography, a gripping plot, and outstanding performances from the cast. The director’s unique vision and attention to detail were evident in every frame. However, some viewers found the pacing a bit slow, and the ending left room for interpretation. Summarized with ‘Paragraph’ Mode: The film boasted stunning cinematography, a captivating plot, and outstanding cast performances, with a unique director’s vision, but some viewers found the pacing slow and the ending uninterpretable.

Key Sentences

The ‘Key Sentences’ mode provides the summary in the form of bullet points. It only focuses on picking the essential sentences from the provided input without worrying about their coherency. Here is an example of how the ‘key sentences’ mode of our tool operates: Original Passage: The film had stunning cinematography, a gripping plot, and outstanding performances from the cast. The director’s unique vision and attention to detail were evident in every frame. However, some viewers found the pacing a bit slow, and the ending left room for interpretation.

Summarized with ‘Key Sentences’ Mode:

“Film Review: Cinematography, Plot, and Cast Performances”
  • Stunning cinematography.
  • Gripping plot.
  • Outstanding cast performances.
  • Director’s unique vision.
  • Slow pacing.
  • Ending leaves room for interpretation.

NLP Text Summarizing

The summarizing tool is a sophisticated utility that takes assistance from a subsection of artificial intelligence known as Natural Language Processing (NLP) to generate precise summaries. Like every other summarizer tool, our utility also uses two summary-generation approaches to diversify its result-generation mechanism. Here is a brief explanation of each of those approaches:

Extractive Approach

The ‘Extractive’ approach extracts the essential information from the provided text directly. It leverages the phrases or sentences from the input in order to create an accurate summary. Therefore, this approach often produces unoriginal summaries.

Abstractive Approach

The ‘Abstractive’ approach works on a deeper level than the ‘Extractive’ method. It generates new sentences that may not exist in the source content. In order to generate relevant information, this approach has to understand the original meaning of the input before working.

Beneficiaries of Text Summarizer

The benefits of an AI text summarizer are not restricted to quickly condensing a lengthy piece of text. People can use this summary tool to automate various redundant and time-consuming processes in their respective fields. Here is how our tool can help multiple professionals across the globe:

Researchers and Academics

Academic professionals and researchers frequently need to scour multiple sources in order to gather material for their work. This entire process takes a lot of time, which ultimately restricts individuals’ productivity. Fortunately, our summarization tool is here to optimize this process. With our tool, researchers and academic professionals can quickly get to the gist of a lengthy text. Using this approach will improve their productivity. Eventually, they will be able to tackle their work better.

Content Creators and Marketers

It has become the nature of people to go through the conclusion in order to understand the entire content. This practice is common among both textual and visual content consumers. But when solo creators handle everything by themselves, they often don’t have the mental energy to conclude their topic powerfully. This is where our AI text summarizer will come in handy. The sophisticated technologies of our tool allow it to create a conclusion on any topic. Whether you want to write a conclusion for a blog post or a video script, this summarize text tool will not disappoint you.

Business Professionals

Productive meetings are essential for running the operations smoothly within an organization. However, meetings can only achieve their purpose when employees understand something. In order to make it simpler for employees to understand the gist of a meeting, corporate professionals can take assistance from a summarization tool. With an AI Summarizer, business professionals can condense long meeting transcripts into concise paragraphs or bullet points. Doing so will make it easier for employees to understand the goals of a meeting. Eventually, they will be able to achieve their desired goals better.

Disabled Individuals

The consistent usage of screens has given rise to a short attention span. Therefore, nowadays, most people struggle with reading lengthy pieces of text. This is where our text summarizer will prove beneficial. If you have trouble reading and understanding a lengthy chunk of text, you can extract its gist using our text shortener. Doing so will help you gain a strong understanding of the text undertaken in a short amount of time.

How Does This Summarizing Tool Work?

The working mechanism of our AI summarizing tool is not complicated at all. When you process a piece of text with our tool, it first modifies the provided input for a better understanding of its algorithms. This is mainly done by converting all the verbs to their primary forms, eliminating unnecessary details, and maintaining a consistent letter case. Afterwards, this text summarizer employs contextual analysis to understand the provided input. This is achieved with the assistance of NLP. When this summarize tool finds the key phrases and information according to the detected context, it ranks each entry based on its importance. Then, further uses training from its machine learning models to create coherency between the extracted key information and present the result.

What Else We Offer?

Paraphrasing-tool.org is a one-stop solution for all of your text summarizing needs. Whether you want to summarize paragraph, essay, story, article, or just one sentence, our comprehensive collection of services will always have your back. The following points represent the complete collection of summary generation services available at Paraphrasing-tool.org:
  • Paragraph summarizer.
  • Sentence summarizer.
  • Article summarizer.
  • Paper summarizer.
  • Story summarizer.
  • Essay summarizer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is summarizing?

The art of reducing a long document to its essential details without modifying the core meaning is known as summarizing. A summary is created to convey the idea of the original lengthy source information in a short and to-the-point manner. If a summary lacks this characteristic, it indicates its low quality.

What is the difference between summarizing and paraphrasing?

Summarizing is different from paraphrasing. The goal of summarizing the information is to condense the length of the material. On the other hand, paraphrasing aims to revitalize the information using synonym replacement and sentence restructuring. But whether you paraphrase or summarize the information, the original meaning must remain intact.

How many sentences can you summarize with the tool?

With our text summarizer, you can summarize up to 2000 words in one go. Since 2000 words roughly contain 100-150 sentences, you can summarize all of them simultaneously with our tool.