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Best rewriting tool to improve the quality of an essay. Use this free essay rewriter to change any ordinary text into highly engaging, 100% unique, and readable content.


About Free Essay Rewriter

Essay rewriter is an intelligent tool that restructures an essay using the best-matching synonyms. It replaces words with similar meanings that don’t affect the sole purpose of your essay so that it appears the same but becomes completely unique. This tool is ideal for sentence restructuring, content quality improvement, and clarity improvement. It’s undeniably a perfect tool that fulfils all the rewriting needs.

How to Rewrite My Essay?

The simple-to-follow method shared below will enable you to rewrite an essay without typing a single word.

Avoid Plagiarism Using Essay Changer

Plagiarism is no less than a virus that can ruin students’ careers. Duplication in the work, if found, can lead them to face serious penalties. Using our essay rewriter, students are protected from these punishments and can maintain their uniqueness. The appropriate use of this facility enables them to avoid plagiarizing others' work and create fresh and human-looking essays with a few clicks. The best part is that the essays rewritten by our rewrite essay tool will be impeccable and appealing to the readers.

Why Trust Our AI Essay Rewriter Tool?

Try our free AI essay reworder to boost your writing efforts. This AI tool offers you a helping hand to create tons of appealing essays in a limited span. Here are some prominent benefits of using this web-based tool.

Features of Essay Word Changer

Our online essay word changer offers the simplest and most reliable way to restructure an essay without putting in any manual effort. Below are a few key features of this essay changer.

What Type of Essays Can Be Rewritten?

Our essay rewriter is a powerful tool that allows you to recreate different types of essays like a professional writer.

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