About Free Essay Rewriter

Essay rewriter is an intelligent tool that restructures an essay using the best-matching synonyms. It replaces words with similar meanings that don’t affect the sole purpose of your essay so that it appears the same but becomes completely unique. This tool is ideal for sentence restructuring, content quality improvement, and clarity improvement. It’s undeniably a perfect tool that fulfils all the rewriting needs.

How to Rewrite My Essay?

The simple-to-follow method shared below will enable you to rewrite an essay without typing a single word.

  • Copy/Paste the text into the given field.
  • Hit the “Rewrite Essay” button.
  • Copy the rewritten text displayed in the Output Box.
  • Now, choose the appropriate synonym and download it.

Avoid Plagiarism Using Essay Changer

Plagiarism is no less than a virus that can ruin students’ careers. Duplication in the work, if found, can lead them to face serious penalties. Using our essay rewriter, students are protected from these punishments and can maintain their uniqueness. The appropriate use of this facility enables them to avoid plagiarizing others' work and create fresh and human-looking essays with a few clicks. The best part is that the essays rewritten by our rewrite essay tool will be impeccable and appealing to the readers.

Why Trust Our AI Essay Rewriter Tool?

Try our free AI essay reworder to boost your writing efforts. This AI tool offers you a helping hand to create tons of appealing essays in a limited span. Here are some prominent benefits of using this web-based tool.

  • Time Efficient

    Get rid of all conventional ways of rewriting essay text that require extensive time and effort. Give a try to our advanced essay rewriter free tool and generate compelling essays in a few minutes.

  • Essay Improvement

    Looking for a way to improve the quality of your writing? Submit your essay to this utility, and you'll quickly receive an extraordinary version of the same text. The rewritten essay text will be error-free and engaging for the readers.

  • Gives You a Fresh Idea

    It is a herculean task to generate unique and fresh ideas for similar content repeatedly. Our essay rewriter provides you with multiple versions of the same text. Analyzing the output carefully will help you find a fresh and appealing idea for your essays.

  • Ideal for Freelancers

    Freelancers are required to deliver quality content before the deadline. Offering the best quality content in a short span is undeniably a difficult chore. However, our essay rewriter's assistance offers freelancers a remarkable way to generate the highest-quality content within the given time.

  • Accuracy & Precision

    Using this tool, users can easily enhance the clarity of sentences. It removes the bugs from a text and converts them into clear content, and helps users convey their thoughts & ideas more profoundly.

Features of Essay Word Changer

Our online essay word changer offers the simplest and most reliable way to restructure an essay without putting in any manual effort. Below are a few key features of this essay changer.

  • Database of Synonyms

    This word changer for essay has a huge database of synonyms. When you upload a text, this utility scans it and replaces the words in your text with more suitable and appealing synonyms, which will enhance the engagement of the text and improve the understanding of your essay.

  • Cost Friendly

    Unlike most online essay rewriting tools, our tool doesn’t require premium membership. This tool is the perfect option for individuals who can’t afford a paid tool to rewrite their articles and essays.

  • Private & Secure

    Our essay rewriter free tool is based on highly advanced algorithms capable of controlling any attempt to access your uploaded data. No third party can access the text you upload on this tool. Besides, your submitted essay will be removed from our servers once you get the rewritten essay results.

  • Zero plagiarism

    Eliminating duplication from an essay is a time-consuming task. But, with this essay rewriter, you can instantly make your written text duplication-free. You can check for the uniqueness of the rewritten text using any advanced plagiarism checker.

  • Improved quality

    The AI essay changer provides excellent-quality rewritten text. This essay rewrite tool can instantly enhance the clarity of any text.

  • Grammatical Perfection

    Misspelled words or grammar mistakes in a text reduce its engagement and make it less valuable for readers. Our online essay rewriter can provide its users with flawless and grammatically strong content.

  • Humanlike tone

    The rewritten text generated by this tool will appear natural and share a humanlike tone. Your readers won’t ever find out that the text is generated by an AI rewriting tool.

What Type of Essays Can Be Rewritten?

Our essay rewriter is a powerful tool that allows you to recreate different types of essays like a professional writer.

  • Argumentative Essay

    According to the writer's argument, argumentative essays convince the reader to take a certain action or side. These essays mainly rely on facts rather than emotion to influence the readers. With our free essay word rewriter, you can easily reword argumentative essays like a professional writer.

  • Expository Essay

    Expository essays demonstrate the knowledge or expertise of writers in a certain area.

    Students are assigned to craft expository essays by their teachers to test their understanding of a topic. By using essay word changer free, students can restructure expository essays and create unique and fresh text that they can present to their teacher without any fear of plagiarism.

  • Narrative Essay

    Narrative essays tell a story and allow readers to experience creativity and imagination based on a particular prompt. Our online rewriting tool allows you to reword narrative essays without manual effort.

  • Descriptive Essay

    Looking for a way to rewrite a description of a subject? Submit an already published or unpublished descriptive essay to our rewriter and generate a better-quality straightaway.

  • Persuasive Essay

    Facts and emotional appeals are used in persuasive essays to persuade readers. The web-based rewrite essay tool gives users the perfect way to generate unique and engaging persuasive essays.

  • Cause & Effect Essay

    Cause and effect essays define how certain events or situations led to other events. Our free essay rewriting tool allows you to create appealing and inspiring essays instantly. Simply paste your selected text into the tool, and you will instantly have a flawless and easily understandable cause-and-effect essay.

What else we offer?


  • How Do I Rewrite My Essay?

    This online essay rewriter allows you to reword an essay with only a few clicks. Simply paste the text into the tool. It will restructure the text and give you a fresh version of the same essay instantly.

  • Do I Need to Get Registered to Use This Reword Tool?

    Not at all! This facility doesn’t require any signup or registration from its users. However, you must have a strong internet connection to use this free AI essay rewriter.

  • How Many Essays Can I Reword with This Tool?

    Our online essay reworder doesn’t impose any restriction on its usage. You can rewrite countless essays as per your preferences with this free rewriting tool.

  • Is Essay Rewriter Legal?

    It mainly depends upon the usage of rewritten text. If you are using the reworded text for fraudulent purposes, then it will be illegal. But, if you cite the source of the original text to educate the reader that the idea is taken from another author, then there won’t be any issues in using rewritten text.