How to Detect AI Content?

Our tool has simplified the process of performing AI tests on any piece of textual content. You just have to follow the procedure shared below in order to verify the origin of textual content with this web utility:
  • Upload the content in the designated space.
  • Click the “Detect AI” button.
  • As soon as you provide the text, our tool will start analyzing it.
  • In a matter of seconds, our AI detector will highlight the AI-generated portions of the text.   

Free AI Detector and AI Content Detector

The AI content checker by uses groundbreaking technologies to provide its users with completely accurate results. But despite the use of advanced tech, this tool allows its users to identify the origin of any textual content for free. Whether you want to process a small portion or the entire pack of up to 2000 words in one go with this tool, it doesn’t matter. You can operate this web utility without spending a dime or creating an account. In fact, our AI content detector won’t even ask you to link any of your existing accounts in order to enjoy its cutting-edge capabilities. 

Why Use an AI Plagiarism Checker?

There are various reasons to get assistance from this AI plagiarism checker. The following points highlight some of them:

Blog Posts

Bloggers can take assistance from accurate AI plagiarism detectors to easily identify whether their content looks machine-generated or not. Doing so will ultimately prove beneficial in avoiding the watermarks and penalties of search engines.


Students can easily verify the source of information in their homework by using reliable AI writing detectors. This way, they can be completely sure regarding the human status of their work. Eventually, this will prove helpful in avoiding any false claims of generative AI content.

General Texts

Machine-generated text can sometimes be inaccurate. Therefore, individuals can get assistance from a sophisticated AI checker to verify the source of any text quickly. Doing so will ultimately help reduce the flow of false information.

Thesis and Research Papers

Authorities have tightened their policies regarding the publishing of research papers or thesis since the popularity of AI tools. The strictness of guidelines sometimes wastes the top-notch efforts of individuals. However, researchers can prevent such instances by using an accurate AI content checker. 

How Does AI Checker Free Work?’s AI checker operates using state-of-the-art technologies. Here is a simplified breakdown of how this web utility works in multiple stages:

Stage 1: Text Analysis

When you process or detect AI content, it begins working by breaking down the input into various small components like sentences, phrases, and words. Our tool performs this step to simplify the detection of AI and human content for its algorithms.

Stage 2: Semantic Analysis

In the next phase, this AI detector performs semantic analysis. During this, our AI plagiarism checker understands the meaning of each term and phrase in the context of the input. Using this tool, you can identify the intended message and ensure that it is coherent and relevant.

Stage 3: Machine Learning Training

After understanding the meaning and intent of the input, our AI check tool takes assistance from its machine learning algorithms. This ultimately assists our AI content detector in precisely identifying and highlighting the AI portions of the content.

Stage 4: Real-Time User Feedback Loop

Like most utilities,’s AI detector free needs feedback from its users to achieve perfection. Therefore, once this tool has highlighted the traces of AI content, it then asks its users for their feedback. Users can provide correct responses regarding the accuracy of our tool, which will ultimately assist it in becoming more precise in the future.

AI Content Detector for Bloggers

Newbie bloggers believe that AI-generated content is completely original and high-quality. But that’s not the case because all the large language models have been trained using the existing material. Therefore, when people generate blog content through any of the LLM-based chatbots, their output sometimes lacks authenticity, engagement, and relevance. Posting such material on a blog can trigger the modern algorithms of search engines to penalize the content or the entire platform. But bloggers can avoid these acts by taking help from our revolutionary AI detector. With the help of our AI content checker, bloggers can verify the machine-generated status of their blog’s content before using it. This way, they can avoid the penalties of search engines and prevent their efforts from getting wasted.

AI Detection Tool for Academicians

Ever since the overall adoption of generative AI content, the jobs of teachers and students have become more challenging. For instance, students now have to perform additional checks and sometimes encounter fraudulent claims of AI content generation. On the other hand, teachers have a hard time assessing the efforts of their students. All of this can be avoided through our precise AI writing checker. Here is how:
  • AI Detector For Students

Students can use this AI content detector to differentiate between the human and AI-generated status of their content quickly and accurately. Later, they can attach the report from our online tool to their work. This way, they won’t fall prey to machine-generated content's accidental and false claims.
  • AI Detector For Teachers 

With our AI detector, instructors will have a more reliable and accurate way of identifying the claims of machine-generated content. They can take assistance from this AI content detector to save their students’ work from being squandered. 

What Will You Get With AI Detector?

The services of’s AI content checker are not restricted to detecting a single type of write-up. This web AI content detector can help users differentiate between the human and AI-generated status for various types of content. The following points represent some commonly detected content types by our tool:
  • AI Writing Detector

The first-rate AI detection tool of this web utility has been programmed to work for all types of content. Whether you want to check the machine-generated status for a blog post, article, marketing copy, research paper, thesis, or some other type of content, our AI detector won’t disappoint you.
  • AI Essay Checker

The training of our AI essay detector makes it an ideal choice for academic professionals. For instance, students can use its services to determine the traces of AI content in their essays quickly and accurately. Ultimately, they can avoid the unwanted penalties.
  • AI Chat Detector

Nowadays, several service providers use LLM-based chatbots to generate fake messages and promote their products as top-notch. Individuals can run those messages in our AI content checker to precisely check their origin. This will prove beneficial in successfully differentiating between high and low-quality service providers.

Features of AI Content Detector

The AI content detector by has gained immense popularity in a short span of time. The main reason for the online fame of this AI text detector lies in its key highlights. Here is a complete list of the key features associated with this tool:
  • Batch Files Upload

Simultaneous processing of lengthy chunks of text is not an issue for our tool. Whether you want to upload a single long file or multiple documents, the power of our AI detector allows both types of inputs. 
  • 100% Accurate Results

The extensive data patterns-based training of this AI detector allows it to provide completely accurate results. Therefore, no traces of generative AI content will go undetected with our tool.
  • Generated Report

This AI content detector allows its users to download the stats of an entire session in the form of a report. Individuals can use the generated report as proof of their efforts. 
  • Support All Languages

Our AI content detector can operate in multiple languages. It doesn't matter whether you want to verify English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, German, or Indonesian AI content status.
  • Available 24/7

There is no need to download or install any plugin in order to use this AI checker. Users can access it anytime from anywhere around the globe by a web browser.
  • Extremely Simple to Use

This AI detection tool bridges the gap between tech-savvy and non-technical individuals. Its user-friendly interface makes it suitable for both beginners and professionals.
  • Uses NLP Algorithm

The AI text checker takes assistance from NLP (also known as Natural Language Processing). This technology helps our tool understand the input as humans. The integration of NLP is one of the factors for the precise output generation of this tool. 
  • Free of Cost

AI detector is a free tool; therefore, using the services of this tool won’t become a burden on your wallet.
  • Detect Up to 2000 Words

The detection algorithms of our tool are powerful enough to detect text of up to 2000 words accurately. Therefore, the detection of lengthy chunks of text won’t be an issue. 

Humanize AI-Generated Text

The AI text checker doesn’t just identify the origin of the textual content. It can also add a human touch to the machine-generated content. In order to do that, you will have to revitalize your content through our paraphrasing tool.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Will Google penalize AI content?

Yes. Google’s algorithms can penalize the AI-generated content. This factor makes it essential for users to use the online AI detector.

What do percentage scores indicate?

The percentage score provided by the AI detector indicates the ratio of machine-generated and human-written content in the submitted text.

How does AI text detector benefit publishers?

The AI text detector can benefit publishers by helping them avoid the penalties of search engines. Before publishing any piece of content, they can make sure it’s not written through AI tool by using this AI detector.

Do upload PDFs get saved for future checks?

No. We don’t save the uploaded files on our servers, nor do we share them with third-party service providers. Therefore, if you want to verify the involvement of AI in a previously uploaded document, you will have to submit it again.